Year 4

Mrs N Hall & Mrs J Miller

Welcome to Year 4


We learn lots of new and exciting things in Year 4.  In the first term we learn about the Victorians and this involves an Educational Visit to Beamish Museum.

In the Spring term we learn about the Romans are we lucky enough to go and visit and explore Hadrian’s Wall.

In Science we have cover many different topics, our favourite is usually learning about Electricity.

Year 4 Spelling List

This is a copy of the Year 3 and 4 spelling list that we use to take part in daily spelling tests. The children are tested on these words on a Monday to Thursday. The children are tested on a separate set of words following a spelling rule on a Friday, with words they...

Year 4 Spelling 22.04.16

This week we are going to be focusing on column 5 of the Year 3 and 4 spelling list and practising the following spellings for next Thursday for our spelling rule test: scene scientist scissors fascinating discipline scented ascend descend sceptre muscle scenery...

Year 4 Day Off in School

To celebrate Year 4 winning the attendance award for the Spring term, we were awarded a day off in school. The children came in dressed in non-uniform and took part in a range of activities. The children baked fairy cakes and decorated them, played a range of board...

Role Play In RE

Today the children in Year 4 created a scene called 'Not Afraid to Speak Out'. The children thought about scenarios in today's life which would represent people not being afraid to speak out. The children rehearsed their scenes and performed them for the rest of the...

Converting Time

The children in Year 4 have been working in pairs to convert units of time into another measurement of time. The children worked successfully to read the word problems and use their whiteboard to write the calculations and work out the answers to the...

Amazing Art Work

The children have been working with our artist John Quinn on a Friday afternoon to create a piece of artwork around their response to chosen media. The children have been using their artistic skills and IT/iPads to bring their artwork to life. The children have...

Year 4 Dance Festival

Over the past few weeks the children in Year 4 have been working to create a dance to the songs of David Bowie. The children were given roles including an astronaut, aliens, glam rockers and stars and practised their choreography to show their dance to everyone at The...

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