Year 4

Mrs N Hall & Mrs J Miller

Welcome to Year 4


We learn lots of new and exciting things in Year 4.  In the first term we learn about the Victorians and this involves an Educational Visit to Beamish Museum.

In the Spring term we learn about the Romans are we lucky enough to go and visit and explore Hadrian’s Wall.

In Science we have cover many different topics, our favourite is usually learning about Electricity.

Year 4 Thaumatropes

The children from Year 4 have been creating thaumatropes. These are one of the very first scientific toys invented in the 19th century.  To make one you need a paper disc with a different picture on each of its two sides.  When you spin these images rapidly it makes...

Year 4 – the digestive system

Did you know that with the following resources you can see how you digestive system works? Year 4 carried out this investigation and some of them had queasy tummies! [gallery...

Mona Lisa Art

Year 4 worked with Mrs Miller to learn about the artist Leonardo da Vinci and his famous painting of the Mona Lisa during the renaissance period. These wonderful images are on display outside their classroom. [gallery size="medium"...

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