Year 3

Mrs S Soan, Mrs J Thompson & Mrs M Casey

Welcome to Year 3


In Year 3 we learn about exciting topics which include the Ancient Greeks and the Stone Age and these involve educational visits to Durham University.

In English we look at range of texts including those by David Walliams, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and Stig of the Dump by Clive King.

In Maths we learn our four and eight times table as well as learning how to count in 50s.  We learn to tell the time by reading Roman Numerals and learn about angles and which ones are more or less than a right angle.  We develop our calculation skills by learning how to carry out column addition and subtraction.

We have PE with Mr Evans.



Fraction Fun in Year 3!

This half term we have been doing a lot of work in maths focusing on fractions. We have been very keen to learn about equivalent fractions as well as ordering fractions on a number line. As a class we are becoming more and more confident at using fractional language...

Christmas Fun In Year 3!

We have had a very busy time in Year 3 preparing for Christmas with lots of fun filled activities! Santa came to visit our school and gave us all a lovely book each. We are all very much looking forward to reading it over the Christmas holidays. We also got to make our own salted dough decorations, having written the instructions describing how to make them earlier in the week! Also check out the pictures from our Christmas themed photo booth!

Snowmen Multiplication!

A huge thank you to all of those who were able to attend Year 3’s inspire afternoon. I am sure everyone will agree that a fun afternoon was had by all. We are having a big focus on times tables in Year 3 at the moment and trying to improve our metal recall of the multiplication and division facts. So today’s task involved applying these facts to building snowmen. We had to find out the quantities of each material that we would need if we were to build 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 snowmen! Once completed, we got to create our own sock snowmen as well as other Christmas crafts such as split pin decorations and paper angels. It definitely has inspired Year 3 to get into the Christmas mood as well as improving our times tables knowledge.

Good Samaritan Day In Year 3

Today Pope Francis pushed opened the great bronze doors of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to launch his Holy Year of Mercy. We decided to mark this special occasion in school by having a full day dedicated to the parable of the Good Samaritan; the one who showed mercy. We had a lot of thought provoking activities throughout the day encouraging us to think of how we could behave during the Holy Year of Mercy to be more like the Good Samaritan.

Picasso Style Portraits!

As part of topic work based on Spain this half term, we have been looking at the artist Pablo Picasso. We have really enjoyed learning about his art and the things that influenced his most famous pieces. In our art lesson, we had the opportunity to explore Picasso’s unique style of self portraits and we got to create our own Picasso style self portraits of ourselves! Check out our final creations!

How To Make The Perfect Slice Of Toast!

This week in English we have been looking at the features of instructional texts. In preparation for writing our own instructions, we had a fun morning exploring a basic set of instructions that gave us step by step guidelines on how to make the perfect slice of toast! The opportunity to explore instructions in this way allowed us to see the importance of making instructions clear to the reader, structuring them correctly and in the correct order. Also we were able to identify the use of appropriate imperative verbs in the text or as we have come to know them in Year 3, bossy verbs! The perfect slice of toast at the end wasn’t too bad either as you can see from our happy faces!

Joyeux Noel!

This week in French lessons, we have been preparing for the season of Advent and the countdown to Christmas. To help us prepare we have created our own French edition Advent calendars using the numbers 1 to 25 in French. We are all quite confident at counting to 25 in French so this is a very special way to help us countdown and prepare to have a Joyeux Noel!

Time For TV!

This week in maths we have been looking at time. As a class, we have been focusing on how to improve our ability at telling the time more accurately. Since everyone has some sort of access to a TV outside of school, we carried out an investigation today based on time and duration using the TV guide! Having completed this task, Year 3 have all been made aware of how time is something that everybody uses daily, inside and outside of school. So next time you want to know when your favourite TV show starts, finishes or even how long it lasts, why not ask Year 3!

Performing The Twits!

As we are looking at play scripts this week in English, we thought there was no better way to explore this style of text than to actually use it by putting on our own short performances. We used David Wood’s version of The Twits, which he has adapted into a play script for performance. We focused our attention on “The Skillywiggler” scene, working in small groups. Each group then had the opportunity to perform their version of the scene to the rest of the class. The stage directions really helped us convey the characters of Mr and Mrs Twit as they told us how to move, talk and also what facial expressions to make. This has gave us a really good idea of how to structure a play script and also the level of detail that needs to be provided to the actors to help them create the character onstage.

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