Year 2

Mrs D Robinson & Mrs S Kenny

Welcome to Year 2

In Year 2 we have so much fun!

We begin the year with an exciting Roald Dahl topic we dress up, write letters to Willie Wonka, write about our dreams and made some beautiful dream jars.

We work really hard in Maths lessons to learn our number bonds and know lots about measuring and telling the time. We also learn about three times tables as well as practicing our two, five and tens times tables.

Our other topics include The Great Fire of London and some famous people from history including Florence Nightingale and Christopher Columbus.



Brilliant Bubblegum!!!

Year 2 had a wonderful time looking at the life and work of Roald Dahl during last half term. We read the stories Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG and The Twits. We were inspired to create lots of different types of writing such as letters and adverts, we...


      During the Spring Term our Geography topic was 'Nigeria'. We were very lucky that Temitope had just visited there with his family. He brought back traditional Nigerian clothing, food and jewellery for us to look...

Newcastle Castle

Year 2 had a great day at Newcastle Castle learning about life in a medieval castle. The children were taken on a tour of the castle, they learnt about the different rooms and what they were used for and the special parts of a...

A visit from a Rainbow Fairy!!

Year 2 were very excited to see a fairy door and a trail of glitter that had appeared on their classroom wall at the weekend. A fairy had moved in and left a note for the children. The note explained that Fairy Land was under threat as not enough children believed in...

A visit from a baby dragon!

Year 2 were surprised and excited when they came into school to find a box containing a baby dragon, had been left in their classroom. A Mother dragon had left the baby for us to look after while she went on a special mission. The children had great fun getting to...

Great fun at Souter Lighthouse!

Year 2 recently visited Souter Lighthouse on an educational visit. The children were very excited to be given the opportunity to go rock pooling. We found all sorts of tiny creatures including crabs, periwinkles, hermit crabs, starfish and limpets.  The children loved...

Advent Liturgy 4: Year 2 Friday 19th December 2014

Well done to the children from Year 2 for leading such a wonderful Advent liturgy this morning.  They reminded us of the importance of welcoming visitors into our homes and hearts this Christmas and that the best gift that we can give this Christmas is ourselves.    ...

Year 2 Liturgy

Thank you to the children from Year 2 for leading this week's collective worship.  They asked us to remember that we are one of God's lights and we should let our light shine so that everyone knows we are part of God's special family.      ...

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