Year 1

Mrs L Robinson & Miss L Ridley

Welcome to Year 1


In Year 1 we cover lots of different and exciting topics as we introduce children to the subjects of the curriculum.  We base much of our English and Maths work around our topics.

The children develop into independent learners during the course of the year and become more able readers and writers.  We write for lots of different purposes including letters, lists, stories and non fiction reports.  We take part in Guided Reading every day which helps us to improve our reading skills.

In our Maths work we cover a wide range of calculation strategies in addition and subtraction.  We introduce the concept of simple multiplication and division.  We cover work on different ways of measuring and the names of properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We also take part in weekly mental maths and problem solving activities.



Year 1 Maths homework: 11.3.2016

Can you practice your two times table this week? When you think you are getting great at your two times table then have a try of this game: Choose the option of 'times tables' and then choose the two times table....

Year 1 Maths Homework

The children in Year 1 are trying to learn their number bonds to 10 every day so that they can learn to add larger numbers using mental strategies. These websites can be used at home to help develop the quick use of number bonds to 10: Number bonds to 10 online games:...

World Maths Day Year 1 2016

The children from Year 1 had a great time during World Maths Day on Wednesday 2nd March.  We enjoyed baking cakes by weighing out the ingredients using the scales to make the recipe just right!  We also did lots of activities using a box of smarties.  These included...

Drawing with Mr Quinn

Mr Quinn came into Year 1 on Friday afternoon to work with the children on different drawing techniques.  We practiced drawing zigzags and circle, we practiced drawing fast and then taking our time to make our lines more detailed.  We drew something that we loved and...

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