Year 1

Mrs L Robinson & Miss L Ridley

Welcome to Year 1


In Year 1 we cover lots of different and exciting topics as we introduce children to the subjects of the curriculum.  We base much of our English and Maths work around our topics.

The children develop into independent learners during the course of the year and become more able readers and writers.  We write for lots of different purposes including letters, lists, stories and non fiction reports.  We take part in Guided Reading every day which helps us to improve our reading skills.

In our Maths work we cover a wide range of calculation strategies in addition and subtraction.  We introduce the concept of simple multiplication and division.  We cover work on different ways of measuring and the names of properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We also take part in weekly mental maths and problem solving activities.



Year 1 Reading Inspire

Christmas story books were shared during year 1's Reading Inpsire.  It was wonderful to see our school hall full of families reading toegther.  Each child was asked to choose a story book to share and then draw and write about thier favourite characters and favoutrite...

Ordering and measuring

Year 1 can now measure and order a set of footprints using cubes to help them.  They are also brilliant at estimating how many cubes they would need to measure each footprint.

A Baptism service

We have been learning all about what happens during a Baptism service and the meaning of the all the objects and symbols also used.  We finished off our topic by role-playing a baptism with our group. [gallery columns="5"...

Beautiful Bracelets!

At Christmas craft club this week we made our own beautiful Christmas character bracelets. We were very careful to make a repeating pattern with our beads and remembered to put our character right in the...

How big is the Giants foot?

One morning when we came to school there was a giant footprint on our carpet.  We decided to investigate just how big this footprint was.  We decided to see how many of our shoes could fit inside the Giant's footprint. First all we tried to estimate before...

Our Autumn Walk

We decided that Autumn is just too beautiful not to go out and explore it.  We went for a walk around the school grounds just to see what amazing things we could find and we spotted some wonderful things.  We couldn't believe how many colours all the leaves were and...

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