Rainbows and Sunbeams

We have recently become a Rainbows and Sunbeams recognised school.  Rainbows is a support group set up in schools to support children who may be going through changes at home which could be impacting on their life  or members of their family.  Rainbows and Sunbeams offer emotional support and guidance providing a safe setting within school in which children can talk through their feelings with others who are experiencing similar situations.


As a school we recognise these changes need to be recognised and supported through a variety of different activities and through this the children can explore and talk about how they are feeling.  Activities are put in place so the children can be supported as well as promoting the emotional development with their self-esteem and confidence.

Each session is facilitated by qualified and fully trained members of staff who have all undergone the Rainbows Training programme.  The programme lasts for approximately 12 sessions which are held weekly.

If you would like your child to be considered for Rainbows please get in touch with Mr. Hattam or Mrs. Miller.

Need to Get In Touch?

Call us on 0191 490 1517 or click to email us

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