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World Book Day 2016

We had a very exciting day in Year 3 for World Book Day. We began our day by having lots of discussion about our favourite books, authors and characters and we also explained why we enjoyed reading. There was also lots of opportunity throughout the day for us to have some silent reading time as well as whole class reading. We had lots of fun filled activities in relation to World Book Day such as designing a new book cover for our favourite book, interviewing the author, writing a new blurb and also doing a character profile for our favourite character. In the afternoon some of us took part in a book swop and we got to choose a lovely new book to take home! As if the day wasn’t exciting enough, we got to do it in the comfort of our own pyjamas and fancy dress!

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World Maths Day 2016!

To celebrate world maths day we had a fun filled day in Year 3 of exciting maths activities. Each table had a different maths activity or game and we got to spend 30minutes at each table having a go at the challenge or game. There was a time related table in which we had to work as a group and discuss the duration of each of the events on the cards, ordering them from the shortest duration to the longest. There was also a broken calculator challenge in which we had to try and make a given set of numbers with only a few of the buttons left on the calculator. As well as having time to explore mathletics further, there was also two maths game tables. One was a horse racing addition game and the other was math related card games. There are pictures of the game instructions below so we can continue playing them at home. During the day too, we also had the challenging task of solving Mr Murphy’s challenge of the day! It was very exciting as there was 200 house points available for those who solved it the quickest. In the afternoon we had the exciting task of creating a kite. This was a very interesting and fun way of seeing the importance of maths outside of the classroom. We had lots of discussion about the shapes of the kites as well as the shapes created by the structure of the kite and we also had the chance to improve our accuracy in using measuring equipment as we carefully measured the perimeter of our kites and also accurately measured the string for our final kites. One main thing that we have taken away from today is that maths is fun!

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Drawing with Mr Quinn

Mr Quinn came into Year 1 on Friday afternoon to work with the children on different drawing techniques.  We practiced drawing zigzags and circle, we practiced drawing fast and then taking our time to make our lines more detailed.  We drew something that we loved and...

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Pizza Preparation in Year 4

Today the children of Year 4 explored Italian culture and in particular focused upon the aspect of food. The children worked in groups to prepare traditional pizza dough and then created their own mini pizza. The children could not wait to taste them and thoroughly...

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Let’s create a scene!

The children in Year 4 have been exploring play scripts and their features. They thought carefully about how a play script scene is different to a chapter in a story and they were then able to perform a scene from The Twits: A Set of Plays. The children were excellent...

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Year 5 Fire Safety

Today we have been lucky enough to have a visit from a fire man. We now have a much better understanding of how to prevent a fire in our homes, what to do in the case of a fire and how to check if our smoke alarms are working properly. We we were surprised by some of...

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