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Fraction Fun in Year 3!

This half term we have been doing a lot of work in maths focusing on fractions. We have been very keen to learn about equivalent fractions as well as ordering fractions on a number line. As a class we are becoming more and more confident at using fractional language...

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Skulduggery Pleasant Gaming

We are currently reading a great book named Skulduggery Pleasant. This week we welcomed Andy from Gateshead Library, Mr Ashburn and Jacqui Thompson into our classroom to help us create some amazing games using Scratch 2. We used their guidance and advice to code our...

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Gateshead Local Art Debate

Our Gateshead Public Art project continued today with artist Dave and graphic designer Cathy. We learnt so much about how art is commissioned and developed in our local area. We understand that for a sculpture to be created it involves a collaboration between...

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Year 4- Weighing it all up!

The children in Year 4 have been looking at units of measurement and had the opportunity to use their skills to estimate how heavy the objects were. The children then worked together to find the mass of the objects using scales and were able to write the mass of the...

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A special visitor in Year 2!!!!

Year 2 were very surprised this morning to find out that someone or something has moved into their classroom during the Christmas holidays. The children have been writing about who they think might live behind the tiny little door. We are very excited to find out!...

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Sentence Sorters!

The children in Year 4 came back from Christmas with positive attitudes ready to continue their learning. The children created a range of sentences and looked carefully at creating simple, compound and complex sentences. The children worked together well throughout...

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