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And Then There Were Six!

On Monday we received an amazing delivery of an incubator and ten hens eggs.  On Wednesday afternoon we had our first chick hatch which was a girl! We were very excited to find that it had been joined by three more brothers and sisters this morning. Through the day...

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Caterpillar Update!

Our caterpillars have now eaten all they can and have crawled up to the top of the pot to build a chrysalis around themselves. We know they will stay in there for a little while and cant wait to see them emerge as...

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Maths Tarsia challenge in Year 3

You probably wondered what the noise was coming from the Year 3 classroom - it was the sound of brains ticking! This maths challenge was a great way for the children to work in pairs and try to match the question and answer. The Tarsia challenge is very similar to...

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A creative response..

After a great full days workshop with Maxwell Golden last week we had the opportunity to look back at the work we created and think about how we felt and what we had learnt. Some of us shared our raps with the class and then we talked about making a creative response...

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Year 3 Maths Inspire

A big thank you to the family members from year 3 who came along to work with our children for their Maths Inspire session. During the last term we have been looking at improving our understanding of calculations and learning new ways of calculating. This session gave...

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Forces using Newton meters

The children from year 5 have been investigating the force of gravity in their Science lessons.  Using the newton force meters, the children were able to investigate weight and mass.  The bigger the force the larger the number on the Newton meter. [gallery...

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