This week’s statement of belief is:

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke.

One day Jesus went up to Jerusalem and while he was on his way, he went into a little town nearby.

Ten people with a terrible skin disease came out to meet him there, and they moved across to him, saying, “Please help us, Jesus.”

When he saw them, Jesus said, “Go and see the priest.” So they did, and as they were on their  way, their skin was healed.

One of the ten came straight back to Jesus and he praised God at the top of his voice and said to Jesus, “Thank you, Jesus, Thank you very much.”

The other people who had been healed didn’t come back to thank Jesus for helping them.

Jesus said to the man who had said,” Thank you.”

“Didn’t all the others get better as well?

Or have they just not bothered to come and say thank you?

I wonder why you are the only one who came back.

Stand up my friend,” he said.

“God loves you and is  happy for what you have done.”


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