A reminder to the parents of those children preparing for their First Holy Communion.

Please see below for a list of important dates – these special masses are linked to the themes which the children will be covering in school and must be attended. Children who do not attend these masses will not be able to make their First Holy Communion.

As discussed at the meeting regular attendance at Sunday mass is essential if your child is to deepen their understanding of their commitment to receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion. Your child will be given a Mass Attendance booklet which will be signed by Father Michael Brown at St Joseph’s at the end of mass every Sunday. If you choose to attend another Catholic church please ask the parish priest to sign the booklet.

Sunday 14th October 2018             10 am             Sunday Mass

Sunday 25th November 2018         10 am             Sunday Mass

Tuesday 4th December 2018           5pm               Sacrament of Reconciliation at St Joseph’s

Sunday 3rd    March 2019               10 am             Sunday Mass

Sunday 28th April 2019                   10 am             Sunday Mass

Sunday 12th May 2019                    10 am             First Holy Communion Mass

As your children will have special jobs to do at each of these masses could you please ensure that they are in church 15 minutes before the start of the mass so that they can be fully prepared.

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