Last week we celebrated the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in our class! We decided we would like to have a special party on Friday so we made our own decorations to hang up.

We carefully cut and coloured our own flags and bunting to make our classroom look great. Next we all made beautiful crowns to wear for our party.

Once we had completed our decorations, we started to prepare our party food. We iced little cakes and made delicious jam sandwiches to eat.

We really wanted to send wedding wishes to Harry and Meghan so we made the most beautiful card and posted it to Clarence House.

The writing we did in our books and our wedding maths was beautiful! The cards and letters we wrote for Prince Harry and Meghan were amazing too. On Friday we all came in our own lovely clothes ready to party. At lunch time we got a fantastic surprise when we went for our lunch as it was served in little boxes as a special wedding treat.

Finally it was party time! We danced, played games and ate our lovely food. We even did the conga!

We really enjoyed our wedding learning this week!


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