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7th September 2017

Gateshead Family Sculpture Day:

Hammers, Wood, Nails, Make Things

The Grove, Saltwell Park, Gateshead Council Sunday 24 September, 11am – 4pm

If you’ve been to Sculpture Day before, you know what it’s all about and if you haven’t – the tag line ‘Hammers, Wood, Nails, Make Things’ tells you everything you need to know. There are artists and professional sculptors on hand to get you started and help, so all you have to do is think of something to build, then select your wood and get making with your family or friends!

Each year we have a different theme to inspire and get you started; this year’s theme is ‘Four Seasons’ so tell us what that means to you using wood. Is it a cheeky tree climbing Saltwell Park squirrel in Autumn? Is it visiting the beach and eating ice cream in the Summer? Could it be a blossoming tree in Spring? Or do you want to build a Snowmannnnn? Or is it a cheesy yummy 4

Seasons pizza (yes please!) or Vivaldi’s musical piece or even giant hotel? The possibilities are endless.

As always, we will have tonnes of wood, tools, nails and expert artists on hand to help. If you don’t want to build, why not visit at 1pm onwards and see all the amazing sculptures other families have made! This year we will be joined by Creation Station Gateshead and Not Just A Pretty Facepaint who will be providing activities for families.

We would be thrilled if you could support this community event in its 32nd year by displaying a poster in a prominent position and distributing some flyers.

The day is free entry and Pay what you feel as a contribution towards the cost of the event. There is also a fixed charge for tool hire, £2 per tool (£1 returnable deposit) and 50p for a cup of nails.

For more information: Rachel Horton The Culture Team email:

Don’t forget to join us at this year’s Family Sculpture Day!!

Best Wishes

Rachel Horton,

Gateshead Culture Team, Gateshead Council

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