We were asked to think about rules this morning when the children from year 2 led our Collective Worship.  They shared with us some of the school rules and explained why we needed them to keep us safe.

We were asked to listen to a letter St Paul wrote to Christians living in Colossae where tells them they are God’s people and reminds them of some rules to help them live well with each other. 

Here is the reading:

You are created by God, to be like God.

You are God’s people, his saints. God loves you.

You should be kind and gentle, and

patient and forgiving, and loving like God.

You are all different.

You come from different places,

speak in different ways, have different customs.

But the important thing is

that you are God’s children.

So love one another, help one another,

be at peace with one another,

and let the love of Jesus

fill your hearts and minds.

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