This week we have been talking a little bit about the General Election and what it means to be able to vote for something you want. We decided to do some voting this week and have set up a little polling station in the classroom to help us vote for things that are important to us at school. Our vote today was to help us to choose a story to read before we went home. To help us decide which book to vote for we read the blurb on the back of each book. We learned how to use our voting slips and remembered not to put our names on the back.

Unfortunately, some voters experienced large queues at the polling booth.

Some of us were very keen to keep our votes confidential.

Our votes were posted into the box which wasn’t opened until story┬átime.

We couldn’t wait to see which book had won! We counted our votes very carefully and agreed that it was a fair way to decide on something that was important. Our little polling booth will be open again every day this week with something new to vote for!


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