This week we had some lovely play dough on our funky fingers table. Some of us decided that it was perfect for making cakes with.


After seeing all of those beautiful dough cakes, we just had to make some real ones to see if they were as good! So Miss Wright went shopping for all of the ingredients. We were really excited to get started!


We weighed and measured the ingredients carefully because we wanted them to taste really good!

IMG_5274 IMG_5278

Next we used our huge muscles to mix all of the ingredients together.

IMG_5279 IMG_5280 IMG_5281

We all put some of the mixture into a cake case.


Some very brave children carried the bun tins all the way to the kitchen and our lovely kitchen staff put them into the oven for us.


When they brought them back all baked we cheered really loudly!


Our last job was to ice our cakes and make them look good!

IMG_5330 IMG_5332 IMG_5335

Look how delicious they look! We think we did a great job!


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