As part of our Science topic this half term we have been looking at different rocks.  We learnt at the start of the topic that there are three main types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.  To help us understand the difference between these rocks we carried out a chocolate rocks activity.

We used some some grated chocolate: white, milk and dark, to create these different rocks.

First we made sedimentary rocks.

The different types of chocolate were layered into the plastic cup and then we added pressure from above.  This pushed the chocolate together but you could still see the different layers.  This is how sedimentary rocks are formed.

The next activity involved creating metamorphic rocks.  For this we used the sedimentary rock already created but added a mixture of heat and pressure.  We used the heat from hands to press and squash the chocolate layers.  This created a ball of rock where it has become difficult to see the different colours of the three types of chocolate.


The final chocolate rock was igneaous.  Igneous rocks are created by extreme heat.  We put the choclate into some boiling water and when we took it out the chocolate had melted.  We then spread it on a plate.  This showed the pricess of the formation of igneaous rocks.



We had a very enjoyable afternoon even though the teachers got slightly messy and sticky!



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