We had hoped our elf had learned a lesson after we took him along to the office and put him on Mr Hattam’s thinking chair to spend some time thinking about how he could behave better.

img_4540 img_4542

Unfortunately this does not seem to have worked! We got to school one morning to find that he had drawn faces on all of our bananas!

img_4562 img_4572

He promised us that he would be good after that but look at what he did to our lovely photographs! He has stuck red noses on to our photographs to make each of us look like a reindeer!

img_4585 img_4593

This week he left the lids off all of our new felt tipped pens!


Today we were absolutely shocked to find every chair in our classroom upside down! Luckily we have amazing children who turned them all the right way up again.

img_5146 img_5147

This week in our home learning books, we thought of the most brilliant ways to stop our elf being so badly behaved. I wonder if any of them will work?

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