Today we have been learning a little about Remembrance Day and have taken part in some activities that have helped us think about why we wear a poppy.

All week we have been bringing in our spare pennies to put in the collection tin so we could buy poppies to wear.  We thought this was really exciting!

img_4452            img_4472


We each made a large poppy to put on a display outside our classroom

.img_4590      img_4593      img_4588


We watched a short film about Remembrance Day on our board and had a two minute silence. Everyone was so quiet and sensible that we each won 10 house points!

img_4481           img_4483

Our tasks today were all about poppies. We used empty picture frames and collage materials to make poppy pictures, printed poppy shapes with apple halves, made our own poppies to wear on the funky fingers table and coloured some beautiful poppy pictures on the writing table.

img_4474     img_4477     img_4465     img_4475img_4471

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