We are thoroughly enjoying our Ancient Greek topic and have been learning that Athens were the birthplace of democracy.  We have understood the importance of democarcy when we voted the two members of the school council from our class.

We have learnt that only adult males from Athens could vote in the Ekklesia, and that other men were chosen to represent the Boule, who decided what the public should be asked to vote on.  We found out that they were have voted using black and white pebbles to represent their votes.

We had a vote in the classroom, pretending that we were in Athens.


‘We are desperate to beat Sparta at the next Olympic games. Everyone    has to do five hours of compulsory sports practice a week.’

We voted in agreement!


‘People need to spend more time worshiping our goddess Athena, so everyone has to go to the temple and pray four times a day.’

We voted in agreement!


‘To celebrate our recent victory in war against the Spartans, well will have    a four day feast, with free wine and food for everybody.’

We voted in agreement!

We were intrigued to find out that Greek citizens were allowed to get rid of their own leaders, especially if they were a ‘tyrant’.  If the citizens thought their leader was unfair, or nasty, or getting too big for their boots, the people could have them sent away from Athens for 10 years. This was called ‘ostracising’.


The votes are in……

White means that Mr Hattam can stay……….blue votes say he must be ostracised!


I hope Mr Hattam is happy with our results!

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