The children from Year 1 had another opportunity to work with Mr Quinn to develop their drawing skills.

This week we chose an object to draw and we held the objects in our hands, closed our eyes and felt the shape.  We talked about the edges, whether they were smooth, sharp or rough.

Then we looked at the objects and examined the light and dark parts of the object.

Using the charcoal we tried to draw the object by looking at the object and not our piece of paper.  We then used a paper towel to smudge our work to show the dark and light areas.  A favourite task to complete was using the rubbers to also smudge the charcoal.

We also took our charcoal for a walk around our piece of paper, we made the charcoal change direction and travel in straight, curved and zigzag lines.  We then chose parts of drawing to make darker using the charcoal.

Finally we put some frames around our work and talked about the parts of drawings that we liked and why we liked it.

Have a look at some of our wonderful drawings…..

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