Year 2 were very lucky to be given the opportunity to work with an Artist called Helen as part of the recent Gateshead/Newcastle Juice Festival. We created underwater creatures using old x-ray sheets and tried out lots of new skills. We had a go at paper quilling and made our own pom-pom badges too! The children were very interested in learning about how wonderful things can be created from used objects that no one wants anymore. They were especially proud to see their work displayed at Gateshead Central Library during the Festival.

“I wonder how long it takes Helen to make the things she makes and what she uses to put the things together?’


“I liked the glowing lights that Helen showed us. I loved it when she showed us the stuff she has made”.


“I loved looking at the waves because it reminded me of the sea”



IMG_1048    IMG_1052

IMG_1056   IMG_1054

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