Over the past 2 weeks, we have been preparing to join several professional sculptors at Saltwell Park to create our own amazing wooden sculptures.

First of all, two incredible sculptors (Jonah and Bill) came into our class and helped us brainstorm our own ideas for our cardboard sculptures. We were thinking of ways that we could represent ‘HOME’.

After a lot of sketching and idea sharing we came up with 4 great ideas. Our 4 groups decided to create a Queen Bee Palace Hive, a family boat on wheels, a family mobile and a dog themed fire place with our very own Angel of the North ornament on top.

We began developing our sculptures in class using cardboard, tape, sticks, leaves and scissors. We then took our mini sculptures along with us to Saltwell park to make enormous replicas our of wood. There we had the opportunity to use a large range of wood, hammers, saws and nails.

Overall we have had a fantastic time developing our own ideas and thinking about what home means to us.

Our incredible sculptures will be on show at Saltwell park this Sunday the 27th where you can see what we have done, or go along to create your very own sculptures.

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