Thank you to the children from Year 1 for sharing the reading
of the feeding of the five thousand from Mark’s Gospel.  They also reminded us that we should try to
make every meal special.  Their prayers asked
help us to grow into the kind of people God wants us to be.

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Stars of the Week

February 14th

Reception Class

Owen R.

For excellent valentines writing

Year 1

Toby O.

For a fantastic elephant book in literacy

Year 2

Jake F.

For writing a fabulous story

Year 3

Mike L.

For concentration in gymnastics

Year 4

Logan S.

For trying his best in all subjects

Year 5

Emma P.

For great attitude to learning

Year 6

Kamile Z.

For always trying hard to improve her work.


Readers of the Week


Reception Class

Joshua S.

Year 1

Kristie K.

Year 2

Maria E.

Year 3

Abbie T.

Year 4

Katie R.

Year 5

Charlie C.

Year 6

Kaci H.


Attendance of the Week



House Point Winners

St. Aidan



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