A big thank you to the children from year 5 for a wonderful liturgy this morning.  They reminded us that each and everyone of us has been given a special mission from God.  We have to work with God to find out what our mission is and then carry it out for him.

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Stars of the Week

January 17th

Reception Class

Lucy C.

For building a beautiful boat

Year 1

Ella R.

For a super effort with her literacy

Year 2

Ethal M.

For making a good start to her time in
year Two.

Year 3

Steve L.

For trying hard in all he does.

Amy B.

For always showing determination

Year 4

Ellie M.

For always being cheerful and polite

Year 5

Taylor H.

For much improved handwriting

Year 6

Maahi I.

For excellent effort with his maths


Readers of the Week


Reception Class

Steven J.

Year 1

Tanisha W.

Year 2

Abbie K.

Year 3

Mike L.

Year 4

Bruna A.

Year 5

Sean L.

Year 6

Dylan H.


Attendance of the Week

Year 4


House Point Winners

St Cuthbert



to Sean H., from Year 5 for his achievements in acoustic guitar.

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