Thank you to the children from our Reception Class for a beautiful advent liturgy this morning.  They retold the story of Mary and Joseph looking for somewhere to stay in Bethlehem and finding room in a stable at the back of the Inn and this was where Jesus, God’s special son was born.

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Stars of the Week


Reception Class

Katie H.

for a sensible attitude to school and

Year 1

Armarni B.

for trying hard with his writing

Year 2

Jorja G.

for excellent maths work counting in

Year 3

Iqra K.

for enthusiastic singing

Year 4

Dilumi G.

for working hard in all subjects

Year 5

Antonia L.

for being extremely sensible and
helpful in class

Year 6

Kaci H.

For having a good attitude towards all


Readers of the Week

 November 22nd

Reception Class

Ben W.

Year 1

Riley A.

Year 2

Yohann T.

Year 3

Brian G.

Year 4

Erin T.

Year 5

Emma P.

Year 6

Adam H.


Attendance of the Week



House Point Winners

St. Aidan



Congratulations to Ellis from Y5 for his achievements in swimming.

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