Well done to the children from Year 1 for such a lovely Liturgy this morning.  They reminded us that we all belong to different groups in school, at home and within our families.  It is important to remember that we are all a part of God’s family.

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Stars of the Week

October 18th

Reception Class

Jack B

For a sensible and mature attitude to learning

Year 1

Riley A

For producing excellent writing in all of his books

Year 2

Sophie C

For making an effort to complete all tasks

Year 3

Grace O

For great answers in RE

Year 4

Katie M

For great work  in Maths

Year 5

Leesan L

For enthusiastic singing

Year 6

Rebecca A

For trying hard in Music


Readers of the Week

 September 6th 2013

Reception Class

Olivia C

Year 1

Temitope S

Year 2

Jade H

Year 3

Lormie L

Year 4

Murewa S

Year 5

Eisha I

Year 6

McJaheem K


Attendance of the Week



House Point Winners

St Bede



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