Thank you to
Year 4 children for leading a lovely liturgy this week. They reminded us the
importance of our families at home as well as how lucky we are to all be a part
of the special St Joseph’s family.

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Stars of the Week

13th 2013

Reception Class

Oskar S

For being fabulously brave

Year 1

Ellis W

For an excellent week of hard work

Year 2

Ella B

For always being ready to learn

Year 3

Jordana D

For wonderful effort with her homework

Year 4

Bruna A

For excellent work in Maths

Year 5

Katie G

For writing a wonderful email about

Year 6

Christina V

For going that extra mile to be an
excellent special friend


Readers of the Week

 September 6th 2013

Reception Class

Owen R

Year 1

Thomas C

Year 2

Brooke G

Year 3

Anna B

Year 4

Kieron S

Year 5

Ellis F

Year 6

Louise R


Attendance of the Week



House Point Winners

St Cuthbert




Well done to
Elliot M, from Year 4 for taking part in the Spartan Sprint Assault to raise money for
Nathan Gardiner’s charity and congratulations to Finn M, from Year 4, for
another award in Taekwondo. 

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